Friday, August 25, 2006

What's in the Wind

Just a few things that are being worked on:
Jaako's mission's trip to Malawi.
Possibly a short term missions trip for others in the summer of 2007.
Re-establishing the youth group. This is of high importance. We are gathering a group to be a youth pastoral team. We have a couple that are looking to take the lead in this. This will be a focus of mine in trainging up youth workers so that are youth are not overlooked.
Starting a homegroup for men.
Prayer and intercessory prayer has been rekindled again.
Other things are in the works but they will be revealed later.
Just so that you know we are not idle!!

summer's over!!

Finally. Most think that summer is supposed to be a time of slowing down and relaxing. Well that was just the opposite for me. We had the community carnival. It was highlighted by doing a baptism on the dunk tank. I will post some pictures of that when I figure this all out.
July 17, flew out to Sask for a teen camp. It was awesome. God did many things in many lives. The camp did not see as many returning teens. We were in a state of seeing younger teens coming into a deep relationship with Christ.
Flew back on the 23rd so I could be back in time for our own VBS (day camp) for the children. Kellie did an incredible job. Throughout the week we had 48 children. More than expected.
Right after the day camp, we (the family) drove out to Fort Francis so that I could speak at a children's camp. This was the 4th year for me. The kids learned the different ways we communicate with Jesus. It was great to see so many starting to recieve vision from the Lord. Now they need to learn how to distinguish those voices and interpret the visions. It was a great time.
Then I got back in time to do a wedding then headed straight out to family camp. We took a couple of days off to go to the Mall of America. It was good for the kids and Jonie and myself. We had lots of fun.
This brought us right back into the swing of things at the church. That very week I had to arrange a funeral and a wedding. The funeral was quite different. Interesting folks. Through meeting with people, I am now scheduled to do a wedding in about ten months time.
The wedding was fantastic. The couple got married on their property in the country. They stood in their pool while they said their vows and exchanged rings. Then they both got baptized. Another wedding to go down in the books as quite extrodinary.
So now that summer is pretty much over, I look forward to things started up and myself getting to slow down a bit. Don't I wish!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

From Fire to Fire

From Fire to Fire
What a weekend with Kim Weiler. He spoke about face to face encounters with Jesus. He is the author of "The Room" which is about a vision he had with Christ. Christ is waiting for each one of us to enter our own room designed specifically for us and Him. One on One encounters.
Now it is a weekend with Tanka and Ashleigh's wedding and the in-laws coming back for their first visit with the grandkids. It will be a busy weekend without question. I am trusting though that it is going to be an incredible weekend, especially our Sunday service. The Parker's are certainly missed.
We move from that right into a weekend with Dr. Grant Mullen. I have no doubt that after reading his book, it could and should be a very liberating weekend for individuals bound inside of themselves.
I, myself, have opted out of this weekend just to have some free time. Also, I want to go to the more fun night which is the movie night. Star Wars movie night to be exact. Almost thinking of getting a costume and turning it into a sermon. That might be a whole lot of fun. We are doing an all night movie night and games night. It will be a blast. Come one, come all.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Let's have a Party

Community Carnival
It is time to let the excitement start to build. We are having a carnival. This is going to come complete with a dunk tank and our very own Pastor Hank being the first target (volunteer). There is going to be air rides for the children, face painting, the dunk tank and possibly the community BBQ from Union Gas.
This is also going to be an open house where the community can see what we can offer them or how we can be a part of the greater community.
Other hopefulls will be a couple of clowns and possibly a pony. Other agencies will be coming out just to be a part of what is all going on. We are looking forward to a great afternoon of fun.
Bring your loonies to dunk the pastors.

It's a Whirlwind

Irvin's Insights
I am so amazed at what is taking place at TBCF. It truly feels like a whirlwind. There is such a flurry of activity that it is hard to find time to sit still. This weekend we have Kim Wieler speaking at the church. I feel that it is going to be a weekend of walking into an open heaven, seeing God in a new and fresh way.
The next weekend the inlaws are coming from Victoria to officiate at Tanka and Ashleigh's wedding. Everyone is looking forward to their visit. Especially the grandparents and the grandkids. Only 8 more sleeps. I am not sure who is counting the days more.
The following weekend is Dr. Grant Mullen and his wife for a complete weekend conference. I will be missing the Friday night meeting as Clint is putting on an all-nighter Star Wars night of movies, games and fun. It should be an awesome time. Some of the young people on my bus are coming. They are big star war's fans.
We then have a bit of a break but then I am off to general confernce. It has been six years since I attending my last gen conf. I am so looking forward to this.
I get back the very day of our next conference with Dean Sherman. We are hosting this as a district wide conference. It is going to be incredible.
So the whirlwind is going strong. If you get the chance, come and see what is all taking place.

new beginnings

Hello Everyone
Well this is going to be something completely new for me. I am not the most computer literate person around. Right at the moment I am sitting at the church office listening to a little country music. Good thing we have the internet so I can find a country station!!
Time seems to be flying by. It is hard to believe that I am three weeks short of a year for being on staff at Thunder Bay Christian Fellowship. Where does the time seem to go? We are seeing new people every single Sunday. It feels like we (Pastor Hank) and I are caught up in a whirlwind. I am so excited for what is taking place at the church. More and more individuals are starting to grab hold of the vision and being a part of what God is wanting to do.
Last night I went was my son's (Adyn) first soccer game. It was raining and he did not really feel like playing too much. When he sets his mind to something there is no changing him. Something like his grandpa!!!